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Worlds of Fun (Kansas City)

Worlds of Fun (Kansas City)

Not as well know as some of Cedar Fair's other amusement parks, WoF still has quite a bit to offer.

Worlds of Fun is an entertainment complex in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded by American businessmen Lamar Hunt and Jack Steadman, the park opened in 1973 under the ownership of Hunt's company, Mid-America Enterprises. Oceans of Fun is a water park which was added in 1982 and is next to the amusement park. Included in the price of admission to Worlds of Fun is admission to Oceans of Fun. Both parks were sold to Cedar Fair in 1995 for $40 million.

Worlds of Fun Kansas City’s hometown amusement park where guests enjoy 235 acres of thrill rides (including seven world-class rollercoasters), family rides water slides and other attractions. Worlds of Fun amusement park features over 100 family rides, thrill rides, waterslides, shows, and attractions including seven world-class roller coasters. Plus the Midwest’s largest Halloween event in September and October.

The park is adding a new wooden roller coaster in 2023, the reimagined Zambezi Zinger, a tribute to the beloved steel roller coaster that removed from the park in 1997. The coaster will feature new titan track, a hybrid steel and wood track designed to give riders a smoother ride.

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