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An Interview with Reggie from "That Casino Life"

A man holding some change

If you are a Vegas aficionado, and spend much time on twitter or YouTube, there is a good chance you are familiar with Reggie from "That Casino Life" (@ThatCasinoLife). He has only been Vlogging for a little over a year, but has already amassed almost 20K twitter followers. And his YouTube channel with FPV videos of roulette (and other Casino Life) will soon be over 5000 subscribers.

Reggie was gracious enough to answer some questions from us. He is a man of few words, but had some interesting answers to a few of our questions...

What is your gambling game of choice?

@ThatCasinoLife - Roulette

A Roulette table

What is your favorite non-gambling thing to do in Vegas?

@ThatCasinoLife - Walk and people watch

If you could change one thing about Vegas, what would it be?

@ThatCasinoLife - Raise up the minimums downtown to keep people who buy in for 40 bucks from hogging the table

Downtown Las Vegas

What is your favorite comped drink to order while gambling?

@ThatCasinoLife - Sprite.. I don't drink lol

A glass of sprite soda

What is your favorite Vegas Strip property?

@ThatCasinoLife - I like them all... maybe Excalibur.. love their selection of slots. Their high limit room is cool and I like the layout. I also won 37k in jackpots there in 2021 lol

Excalibur Las Vegas lit up at night

What is your least favorite Vegas Strip property?

@ThatCasinoLife - Man I really don't have none lol

What and where was the best food item you have had in Vegas?

@ThatCasinoLife -In & Out burger.. after losing I'm all about saving money

IN-N-OUT Burger on the Linq Promenade in Las Vegas

Who is the biggest celebrity you have run into in Vegas and how did it happen?

@ThatCasinoLife - No celebrities yet

What is your BEST Vegas story?

@ThatCasinoLife - Winning 20k playing 000 roulette in one weekend

Without googling it, can you name a town in Nebraska (our home state) besides Omaha or Lincoln?

@ThatCasinoLife - Wyoming lol

A map showing Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado

What got you started making YouTube content?

@ThatCasinoLife - To show friends and family back home the wild shit I be into lol

How long have you been making YouTube content?

@ThatCasinoLife - 1 yr and 2 months

What got you started playing Roulette?

@ThatCasinoLife - Sat down on the electronic version and fell in love with it.

An electronic roulette machine

If you could nail one celebrity, who would it be and why is her name Paige Spiranac?

@ThatCasinoLife - Rocsi Diaz... I'll pay her child support lol

A picture of Rocsi Diaz

Thanks again to Reggie for taking the time to answer our questions! Be sure to check him out on twitter and subscribe to his YouTube channel for some very entertaining videos!

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