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Stay at different Las Vegas hotels each visit to get completely different experiences

Updated: Jun 15

A trip to Las Vegas involves excitement and anticipation, whether it is your first time or your 20th. With that anticipation comes a great deal of planning. Most people come up with a list of things that they want to see, places to eat, shows that they might want to see. They choose where to stay from a long list of Las Vegas hotels, pick out their sites to visit, and then count down the days and minutes until they arrive in Sin City.

The Bellagio Conservatory
One of the best free attractions on the strip is the Bellagio Conservatory... no matter what Mike says...

After numerous Vegas trips, we have discovered how important WHERE we stay is to WHAT we do. For people that have been to Las Vegas many times, the list of “must-do” things is likely smaller. For instance, personally, certain things are required EVERY time I visit. I must get a Frozen Bailey’s at O’Sheas and I have to check out the newest display at the Bellagio Conservatory (Mike can kiss my ass). Beyond that, I usually find that my activities are less predetermined or planned out.

$2.99 footlong hotdog at Casino Royale
The $2.99 footlong hotdog at Casino Royale is a well known Vegas value

The last time Mike and I were in Las Vegas, we stayed at Harrah’s, toward the north end of the strip. We chose Harrah’s because our filming (for was largely right in that vicinity. However, when we weren’t working, we found ourselves spending our time on the north end of the Strip. We normally frequent Planet Hollywood for our gambling (I don’t really know why.....oh wait, yes I do....Earl of Sandwich!) but only made it there once. Instead, we ended up spending more time at TI, the Venetian, and Palazzo than ever before. We hit White Castle and feasted on $2.99 footlongs several times. Yardbird was a great dining experience and we played craps at TI.

The trip before our Harrah's trip, we stayed at Luxor, almost as far south on the strip as you can get. Locations in Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, NYNY, and Park MGM were more prominent during that trip. Diablo's Cantina, Eataly, bacon pretzel dogs at NYNY, Dirt Dog, and an infamous white powder filled Luxor elevator...

That's not to say we didn't venture out to other areas of the strip, but the places you tend to frequent for a quick gambling session or a bite to eat can be very different depending on where you stay. And that is the beauty of the Las Vegas strip. You can keep going back and have a different experience each time. Mike has a goal of staying at every major hotel on the strip (he is about halfway through the list). This is one of the reasons he has that goal.

Las Vegas has so much to offer its visitors, whether it be gambling, sightseeing, fine dining, clubs, or just general debauchery. If its your first visit or your 50th, you can always find something new to experience if you want to. It's why we love it so much!

The Wynn is no slouch when it comes to flower displays
The Wynn is no slouch when it comes to flower displays

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