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Using a Strip Walking interactive map

A visit to our youtube channel might confuse some people. We have thousands of videos and the majority of videos are not edited or "produced". Many are very short, even just 10-20 seconds in length (but not youtube "shorts"). That is because these videos are used in our interactive walking maps of Vegas and other locations. Yes, we have a few "produced" videos , but when we started Strip Walking, we didn't set out to be youtube personalities, IG influencers, FB Moguls, or twitter tweeters. Geoff and I wanted to develop a way to virtually walk from any point on the Vegas strip to any other point on the Vegas Strip. And when was launched, we feel like we accomplished that mission. This article will introduce you to Strip Walking interactive maps.

Las Vegas Strip from a Cosmo Balcony
Las Vegas Strip from a Cosmo Balcony

As someone who likes to over plan things, I was always searching on youtube to see how to get around Vegas before I arrived. A few years ago I was trying to find a video showing how to get between two very specific locations on the Vegas strip, and was having no luck. It seemed highly unlikely that someone had made a video and posted it on youtube walking between these two exact locations....

Geoff taking a picture of Hell's Kitchen in Las Vegas
Geoff putting some thought into feeding his face

I expressed my frustration to fellow Vegas fantastic Geoff and we put some thought to how we could remedy this problem. We decided maybe we should just shoot a bunch of videos walking between various Vegas locations, as people might find this information valuable. We bought some DJI Osmo pocket cameras and headed to Vegas to give it a shot.

What we quickly discovered was there was just too many places, sidewalks, hallways and escalators in Vegas. How would we possible know which walking routes people wanted to view? We also realized that we were duplicating a lot of the walk when shooting videos between various destinations. For example, video that shows a walk between Excalibur and Park MGM overlaps a lot with a video that walks between NYNY and Park MGM.

Nintendo Duck Hunt dog in front of Bellagio
If you are over 40, you know who this guy is

We came up with the idea to cut the videos at strategic points and then create a website that will show you the proper videos for the walk you want to take. Think Google street view only using videos. Even better, we could place a dot on the map that shows your approximate location as you "walk" through the videos. All we had to do was shoot videos for every walking route on the strip... and do it in both directions.... simple.... right......?

Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind
Russell Crowe playing Mike coming up with a plan in a future Strip Walking movie

And that is exactly what we did. Over several trips we walked hundreds of miles, shot thousands of minutes of video, and got millions of suspicious looks. We cut the videos up and built the website and now we have . You can choose between almost 400 strip locations and "walk" between them with videos. We realized we could do this in other locations. We added Disneyland, the Omaha Zoo, and Worlds of Fun amusement park in Kansas City. (We are based in Nebraska, making the Omaha Zoo and Worlds of Fun close to home for us).

Using (and our other walking maps) is pretty simple:

1) Tap or click on one of the dots (locations) on the map.

Screenshot of showing a location selected by tapping on it.

2) Tap/click to set the point as your start or end location

3) Repeat the process again to set the other end of your walking route

The shortest route between the two locations will be shown. The green marker shows the starting location and the red marker shows the ending location. It also shows you the approximate distance and walking time.

Screenshot of showing a route that has been created.

Simply click/tap the blue "Begin Walking" button and the videos will begin playing. An orange dot will show your approximate location on the map.

Screenshot of showing the video playing as you "walk" the route

If you would rather not walk the most direct route between the two locations, you can add "waypoints" which are just locations that you walk to in-between the start and end locations. You can add up to 3 waypoints on your walk.

Screenshot of showing the addition of waypoints to your route.

You can use the buttons in the middle to toggle whether or not you use the monorail and free trams on your walk. These routes are shown in yellow. The RESET button clears all the locations and lets you start over.

Zach Galifianakis sits on a couch
See Vegas without wearing pants

Not only do our walking maps let you preview a walk you might take without actually standing on your own two feet, it can also be used to find the best route to walk between two points, as well as get an estimated time and distance the walk will take.

And for our friends that may never get a chance to visit Las Vegas or other locations, particularly those living abroad, we think our maps are a great way for them to experience a taste of what it is like to be there.

Give our walking maps a look, if you find them helpful, entertaining, or just like looking at people's butts, please consider subscribing to our youtube channel , as it really does help us out. We will continue to expand our Vegas map, and we have plans to add new locations soon, including downtown Vegas, and Harry Reid International Airport.

Also, if you enjoy a little snark as much as we do, you might just want to check out some of our (badly) "produced" videos .

Lady looks behind her

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